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One of the roles of a school counselor is to provide assistance to students and help them grow as individuals to their highest potential. School counselors work with students to help them develop socially and academically, as well as addressing social-emotional and mental health needs. At Wheelersburg High School, we take this seriously and put our students' needs at the forefront.  

There are links to the right of this page that can be completed to notify the guidance staff that there is a student need. If you are a student, have a need and would like to speak with Mrs. Hancock or Mrs. Davis, please fill out the “Request an Appointment-Student” form. There are forms as well for teachers and parents to complete if you would like to refer a student to the guidance office. You may also contact the high school at 740-574-2527 and ask for Mrs. Hancock, Mrs. Davis, or Mrs. Barrick for further assistance.

These links are not intended for students who are having suicidal, self-harm, or homicidal thoughts. We want to make sure all our students are safe, so if you are currently struggling in this way, please see the information below for help.

Please Note:  Counseling requests can only be addressed during normal school hours. If it is after hours, the weekend, a holiday, or non-student day, your request will not be seen until the next school day. Please talk to a trusted adult, text the crisis line at 741741 to speak with someone, or call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.
Cara Hancock
School Counselor
Wheelersburg High School
740-574-2527 phone
740-574-6178 fax